Hot in (Panty)Hose

This is one of our earliest photo shoots and while it may lack some of the polish of our later work, something about this set said, update it and release it. Why? It has to be this beautiful, slender, long legged girl sporting the finest in luxurious pantyhose. Her luscious legs are wrapped in nylon, reinforced toes and heel, pantyhose from Victoria's Secret Signature Gold line of top quality hosiery. Along one leg is a beautiful embroidered pattern. Her feet are in the barest of high-heels, leaving much of her arches, heels, and toes visible underneath the pantyhose. And she isn't shy about letting us all take in how gorgeous those long legs are, exposing her pantyhose wrapped thighs, calves, and feet in all their glory. Buy the set at our store! Link in the image.

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